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The UCC Deals With The Following Consecutively Numbered Subjects

1. General Provisions; 2. Sales of goods; 2A. Leases, leases of good; 3. Negotiable Instruments; 4. Bank Deposits; Banks, and Banking, Check collection process; 4A. Fund Transfers, Transfers of perceived money, Fiat FRN DOLLARS, between banks; 5. Letters of Credit,

Medical History On Credit Reports

Your medical history is not part of a credit report, but past-due medical debts can affect your credit reports and credit scores as negative credit. If a medical bill is left unpaid, the debt can be sold to a collection agency. Experian in Allen Texas no longer displays medical collections on a credit report until

How Long Do Medical Bills Stay On Your Credit Report

Seven long years! If the medical collections account is accurate; however, it can remain on your credit reports for up to seven years, plus 180 days from the date the account first became past due. You must remember that medical bills

How Long Can Medical Bills Be Collected?

The CAP Security Instrument at can pay off your medical bills. Typically, this time limit is seven years. Delinquency information can be reported seven years from the first date of delinquency and can be reported a second or third time by

How Is A Negotiable Instrument Different From Cash?

A Promissory Note such as a Mortgage NOTE, Mortgage Debt Lien Contract Security, Credit Card Agreements, Auto loan Agreements, and CAP Security Instrument, stocks, bonds, and Investor Certificates are considered a negotiable instrument that can fluxuate in value with negotiation of

How Do I Dispute Medical Bills On My Credit Report?

Disputing Medical Bills the right way with the Credit Bureau. If the collection agency will not agree for you to pay a certain amount for deletion of the Medical Bill, your next step is to send the collection agency a verification request. (A

How Can You Get Collections Removed From Your Credit Bureau Reports For Higher Credit Scores?

The CAP Security Instrument can pay off your Medical Bills at Pay for Delete. If you can’t remove the debt by disputing it, you can negotiate with the collector to have the account removed from your credit report in exchange for payment. You should pay off your

Do medical bills ever go away?

The CAP Security Instrument can pay off your Medical Bills at Chapter 7 bankruptcy filings stay on your credit report for 10 years, but you can apply for and get credit to purchase things after 2 years when your

Do medical bills affect your credit when buying a house?

You can pay Medical Bills with the CAP Security Instrument. Medical Bills debt can appear on your consumer report by a collection agency which purchased the Hospital Bad Debt in hopes of the collection while giving you bad credit to force you to

Do medical bills affect your credit score 2017

The CAP Security Instrument can pay off your Medical Bills at In most cases, credit bureaus get the word about your medical debt through Collection Agencies that the hospital sold your account to only if your medical bills go unpaid. As of Sept.

Can paying off collections raise your credit score?

The CAP Security Instrument can pay off your Medical Bills at So whether or not you pay your collections off is really a personal decision. What FICO is saying here is that paying off a debt in collections won’t improve your score. One of the big three credit reporting agencies, Experian, agrees.

Can medical bills ruin your credit

The CAP Security Instrument can pay off your Medical Bills at Your medical history is not part of a credit report until it is sold to a collection agency, but past-due medical debts can affect your credit reports and lower your credit scores. You should pay off your

Can Medical Bills Be Garnished

The CAP Security Instrument can pay off your Medical Bills at Creditors Must Sue You before being able to Garnish Your Wages. For most types of debt such as credit cards and medical bills, the creditor can’t immediately garnish your wages if you stop paying

Will the Banks accept the CPA Security?

Will the Bank accept the CAP Security Instrument? YES!! Banks, Credit Unions, and all government entities, including COURTS, County Tax Collectors, and IRS have accepted our State licensed legally processed CAP Credit Agreement Payoff Security Instruments for presumed debts. (Proof

Why do People Use Banknotes and Promissory Notes as Money Today

This is because people believe the banks and UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT MUNICIPALITY STATE when they lie to you by saying that the worthless FRNs are money. FRNs are DEBT MONEY, Banknotes Promissory Notes that are perceived and believed to be

Who Gives The Actual Funding For A Bank Loan

You, the Borrower, create and borrow money into existence by signing your consideration signature on their contracts or credit agreement applications.. You actually fund your own loan and get into debt because you are dumb, stupid, and do not do


The Uniform Commercial Code, U.C.C., of Contract Law STATUTES, means “Code of the District of Columbia Municipality STATE CORPORATION” Not the common laws of the 50 Republic states of the Union of Nations on the United States of Continental America

What Do Banks Offer Borrowers As Legal Consideration in a Loan

NOTHING!! You make the down payment at your Notary Closing that pays the seller any equity he has in the real estate property and pays the Notary closing agent to extort your consideration signature. It is you that is giving

Difference between Republic Law and Democracy Law?

Public Law is of the de jure sovereign REPUBLIC and is divided into AT LAW and EQUITY jurisdiction. Public Policy, on the other hand, is of the corporate DEMOCRACY statute under the Color of Law which only means that the

Difference between Republic and Democracy Money

The Difference: A Republic form of Government uses or is backed by REAL gold or silver treasury minted coin money or paper gold and silver Certificates which can be converted to the actual precious metals, Gold or Silver, while a

Difference between Commodity Money and fiat Money

Historically, as trade increased through the centuries, commodity or intrinsic valued money such as lawful gold and silver was used in most countries. In the 16th century, goldsmiths (BANKSTERS) began storing gold and silver for customers and issuing them paper

CTRNcoins Seems like years since people have carried physical cash in their wallets.

Bank promissory note checks, Debit cards, and credit cards changed everything. Now there’s a new change – digital money. Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ethereum, CTRNcoins … whatever you call it, digital currency is here to stay and is used by over 80 thousands

Why Not Shut Down More Government?

“To what extent is the federal government necessary? Basically, all the departments that have been shut down should be abolished wholesale. Police and all law enforcement agencies except for the County Sheriff office who operate under common law should be

Where was Common Law Derived

Common Law was derived from the Common Lore. And just that there is a common law of the legal society (Kolender Case Law) otherwise known as English Common Law, and there is American Common Law (unwritten lore, common amongst the

What Is Your Credit Signature Worth

Your Credit Signature is Worth Millions of privately foreign printed fiat Federal Reserve International Promissory Note Dollars, FRNs, also known as Credit Agreements and Credit Applications that you presume and assume is money.. This is because the FRNs are used