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The Police and all law agencies will tell you that IT’S THE LAW. Who’s law? The municipality corporations have it printed on their Government Vehicles. They have it posted in Government buildings. They have TV Commercials that tell you that

It’s The Law

Isn’t it funny that whenever a government, corporate official, Bank official, or police officer says, “It’s The LAW” without knowing or quoting you the law; somehow, thru your fear of breaking the law seems official because of their position or

A Proof of DIFFERENCE between the original Blue Inked NOTE and MORTGAGE and the Illegal Alternate COPY the BANK ATTORNEYS fraudulently pawn off on the COURTS as originals..

Here folk is an original Mortgage which consists of BOTH Promissory NOTE and Mortgage Lien Security Contract that I received thru the Small Claims Court after it was paid off with the LPN now known as the Credit Agreement Payoff

A Legal Binding Contract Agreement to Pay Off Debt Pursuant to Legal Definitions

A contract is A legal and binding agreement between two or more competent parties in which an offer or counteroffer is made and accepted and each party benefits that holds up in court. The CAP Security Instrument is such a

A Hidden Secret of Contract Money

A dirty little secret that all Private Federal Reserve Banks want and need you to believe is that their Fannie Mae, Ginny Mae, or Freddie Mac processed contracts including the Mortgage Agreement, consisting of both the Promissory NOTE and their

What is the validity of a promissory note?

Monetary. A promissory note is only valid if it is for a monetary transaction to create money and debt as banks and lenders do or to pay off money or debt with a Credit Agreement Payoff Security Instrument Promissory Note. The bank lender agrees

What is a personal promissory note?

A personal promissory note is an oral or written promise to pay money to someone or to do something in the future. The promissory note document serves as written evidence of the amount of the debt and the terms under which it

What is a Convertible Promissory Note

A convertible promissory note is a debt instrument that converts to equity in the company that issues it when certain conditions outlined in the promissory note are met. The conversion from debt to equity may be voluntary or mandatory depending upon the agreement between

What are the physical and electronic forms of money today

Today, cash and bank deposits are the two main forms of money. CASH includes Bank Promissory Notes, Money Orders, Checks, and the CAP Security NOTE at The vast majority of all money in the US is held electronically as deposits with no backing

There’s a Contract in Everything You Sign

Everything you sign is a promissory note, debt instrument, and credit agreement in the form of a Credit Application contract according to the Uniform Commercial Code of Contract STATUTES under Color of Law policies since 1933 Bankruptcy of the UNITED

Commercial Real Estate Paid In Full With The CAP Security

Hi, I am Marvin, I have been in the residential and commercial real estate business for 40 years. I bought $10,000 worth of books for commercial and residential real estate and I was a licensed real estate agent at one

The IRS can be Your Best Friend

Go to a bank and ask for a loan. The bank acts as a 3rd party between you and the Federal Reserve to tap into your million dollar Birth Certificate bond ESTATES They are loaning you your own money thru your ignorance!!!

People’s Trust is what makes Fiat FRN Promissory Notes Elastic Money

Crucially, people trust that the value of money will endure over time with the good faith of the US Government. The Government is responsible for making sure that the value of your money stays broadly stable and that Banksters’ commercial

Only Banks Can Turn Your Promissory Note Into FRN Dollar Government Military Script Money

People ask me why I don’t accept their promissory notes for my e-booklets or Legal CAP Security Negotiable instrument Processing.. The answer is simple.. I am not a bank and only banks can turn a promissory note into money by

How to Dispute Medical Bills on Credit Report

This is a two thousand dollar answer as credit repair companies charge at least this amount and more than half of them do not know this secret of How to dispute medical bills on credit report properly. The best way

What is the difference between Common Law and STATUTORY LAW

COMMON LAW, which is unlike STATUTORY LAW that was written by a government legislature (or a king). That’s why legislatures in the past were TEMPORARY. They only met a few times a year, since they were only administering the public

What Is Fiat Money

Fiat money: Federal Reserve International Promissory Note Dollars Commercial Paper Military Script money that is not back by anything except the full faith and credit of you debt Slaves and is NOT convertible to gold or any other asset. Your

What is a Medallion Stamp and Where Do I Get One

The STA, S.T.A.M.P. ACT Medallion Signature Verification Security Stamp verifies that your CAP Security is legal and transferable security and you can get one at any credit union or bank which participates and bonded by the STA ACT, EXCEPT BANK OF AMERICA,

What are Federal Reserve Notes and how are they different from United States Notes?

Federal Reserve notes are legal tender currency promissory note debt instruments or promissory note Government Military Script Dollars. The twelve Federal Reserve Banks issue them into circulation out of thin air, monetized by your signature and then securitized by the

Legal Tender Money Existence and Status

I thought that United States currency was legal tender for all debts. Some businesses or governmental agencies say that they will only accept checks, money orders or credit cards as payment, and others will only accept Federal Reserve Dollar currency

Just what is Common Law

Common Law was referred to as people elected “judge-made law” or “Trial By Jury made law of the land”. Not BAR ATTORNEY JUDGE made Statute Law as in the BAR COURTS of a Democracy, because the common people of one’s

Is Common Law Codified in Criminal Code

Common law was and is CODIFIED in Criminal code. In USA, the Public Law was/is our version of common law. And Public law is ONLY all PRE-1933 laws and court case law decisions.  You know, like all the US Supreme Court decisions

COMMON LAW? What Is It And Is It Still In Effect And Lawful?

Yes, Common Law and Common Law Courts of Record are still in effect and are lawful by the Magna Carter, 1776 American Declaration of Independence, 1787 Constitution for the United States of America Union, original State Constitutions, and United States

Common Law Defined

Common Public Law before 1933 Bankruptcy of the UNITED STATES. That part of the law of England formulated, developed and administrated by the old common law courts, based originally on the common customs of the country, and unwritten. Under the

Are You One of the American People for Pre-Paid Debt

According to Title 18 United States Code §8, the debt payment obligation of the Borrower/DEBTOR has been pre-paid under Bankruptcy. And is an obligation of the United States to pay off all your debts incurred if you are one of