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NOTE: We stress that we are neither lawyers, attorneys, bankers, government agents, nor accountants and do not give legal nor accounting advice. We help home owners that have mortgage or foreclosure problems. When you are in foreclosure and going to lose your home if you do not take action or stuck with an underwater negative value home, we pull no punches helping you with mortgage Relief.

Is the CPA Security Money Instrument Legal?

Yes, the CAP Security money instrument is legal pursuant to banking laws.. We legally process the CPA Security Negotiable Instrument as a legitimate business that is State Licensed as a financial instruments and documents processor. (A copy of the legal

Is It Illegal For Banks To Demand Payment Of Debts In FRN Promissory Note Dollar Bank Money

Yes, BANK Contracts requiring Federal Reserve Promissory Note Commercial Dollars Bank Debt alleged Money in the form of Federal Reserve International Promissory Note Dollars (FRNs), cash, wire transfers, electronic transfers, checkbook money, money orders, cashier checks, and certified checks from

Is a Credit Agreement A Promissory Note

Yes, a Credit Agreement and a Contract are promissory notes normally processed and issued by a bank, financial institution, or the Government.. When you sign any government or corporate paperwork, you are in the commercial and are signing a promissory

Is A Credit Agreement A Contract

Yes, the Registered CAP Security Negotiable Instrument is a legal, binding contract as is everything you sign is a promissory note contract with a promise to pay or do something in the future according to the U.C.C… Even the FRN

Is a CPA Security Instrument a Promissory Note?

Yes, a Security instrument is a Promissory Note before bank medallion stamp just like any credit application, car loan application, Mortgage Application, Mortgage NOTE, Mortgage Lien Security, Bank check, Checking account money, money order, or Commercial Federal Reserve Promissory Note

I Am NOT A Human. I am Homo Sapiens man In The Republic

The POPE GOD of the Holy Se and the 3 Papal Bulls ‘Unam Sanctam (1455, 1481 & 1537)’ of the Roman Empire changed the Homo sapiens man into what the POPE called Humans in order to control and own all

Is A CAP Security Instrument Promissory Note Money

What is Money?? Money is a promissory note, a credit agreement, a resource to buy things with. A CAP Security is also a promissory note, a credit agreement like a Mortgage, auto, credit card, student loan, etc. credit agreement contracts,

How To Use CAP Security Instruments To Pay Off Debts And Loans

The banks do not like it, but under their own Banking Laws, they must accept the CAP Security to pay off your presumed loan or debt with them.. Credit Agreement Promissory Note CAP Securities are the equivalent of money as

How To Pay Only A Fraction Of The Debt You Think You Owe

If you owe a debt of $10,000.00 up to 10 Million Dollars in a single debt loan account, now you can pay only a fraction of what you owe on your bank claimed debt with the Credit Agreement Payoff, CAP

How To Get Rid Of Your Debts In 14 Days

You can terminate, cancel, and get rid of your debt, one at a time or all of them at once By letting legally process both the private banker lifetime membership and the CAP Security Instrument that pays off

How To Get Mortgage Release and Satisfaction Using a CAP Security

Here is a Mortgage Release and Satisfaction I received from a Bank utilizing an LPN Security before I changed the Name to the CAP Security and revised the CAP Security for more acceptance and court positive evidence.. Now everyone can

How long is the CAP Security Instrument Processing?

We have a 14 day processing time for the CAP Security Instrument that has paid off mortgages and all other type debts.. After you receive your payoff package within this 14 days, you can gain bank acceptance in one day,

How do I legally become a Private Banker Creditor

You can become a Private Banker and Creditor by going to and ordering the $29.95 E-booklet for the ITEMS NEEDED and the AGREEMENT. Then let us at process it for you as a client and you save $1,000.00.. (YES, You

How Banks Create Money and Debt

From your CASH Value Consideration signature.. Plus the Banks collect your property and wealth as collateral to prove that you are a debt slave to the banks who own the Governments and all physical land.. Just look at your property

Freedom is Just Another Word For…

Nothing left to lose, that’s all the Government has left me.. And this is why you think you still have freedom in America when you DON’T.. You still have everything to lose, even your soul, spirit, labor, and what you

Why I Get Paid in FRNs for the CAP Security Processing

People ask me why they have to pay me in FRN Dollars for my e-booklets and Legal CAP Security Negotiable Instrument Processing.. AND why can’t they just pay me with their promissory note instead as I shouldn’t need any money,

 Do You Offer a Guarantee that the CPA Security Will Work

That depends on your definition of “Work”.. If you mean Bank Acceptance, which is up to the way you ask them. When you follow my written client instructions, you should have no trouble in getting Bank Acceptance, but you must

Do you know that You Purchased your Home with Debt

Well, you did.. This is why you pay property taxes to the County and STATE of.. You using the FRN Debt Dollars is why the banks can foreclose.. Since there has been no lawful money since 1933 and only debt

Do You Have A Right To Vote?

DID you Vote November 6, 2018?? If you did, you voted as a capital corporation debt slave for members of the STATE OF corporation and not by your free rights, but because you had to unless you are a sovereign..

Do I have to be a Private Banker to use the CPA Security to pay off my mortgage and other debts

Yes, you do, due to a 2016 court ruling that you must be a banker or lender in order to write, by signing your name to the CPA Security to issue to a bank, to either create a debt as

Do CAP Securities Comply With SEC Rules

Yes.. Our legally processed CAP Security Instruments do comply with the Securities Exchange Commission rules the same as Bank FRNs and Mortgage Promissory NOTES and Mortgage Debt Lien Contract Securities do comply as they all are registered securities under SEC

Do Banks Give Any Consideration Or Intrinsic Value To Loans

NO! There is no consideration or value given by banks for any presumed loan or debt.. No bank agent or employee even signs the debt credit agreement promissory note contract to accept it whether it is a MORTGAGE NOTE, MORTGAGE

Credit Agreements versus Contracts. Which one do you need and why

Bank credit agreements are promissory notes and binding contracts.. The Credit Agreement Promissory Note Contract is used as and called money in the commercial world of corporate Government, Bank, and COURT make believe.. Contracts are the same thing before 1933

Credit Agreements In Today’s Economy

Banks call them NOTES, money, loans, or debt, but the Credit Agreement or promissory notes as they are also called in today’s economy are nothing more than promissory note securities, the same as a CAP Security, that the banks, COURTS,

Credit Agreement Pays Off Debts

The Credit Agreement Payoff Security, CAP Security Instrument and the Mortgage Lien Release Documents pay off debts the same way a Bank Mortgage Credit Agreement Promissory NOTE and their Mortgage Lien Contract Security creates debts.. Our Processed Credit Agreement Debt