World Value of Dollar – how does it affects your standard of living

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A Secret Government Instrument is a paper or electronic obligation that enables the issuing party to raise funds by promising to repay an alleged lender in accordance with terms of a contract. Types of debt or loan instruments include notes, …

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Did you know that the United States Government and banks have been withholding a secret debt and loan payoff using government money since June of 1933? Look at the $100 Federal Reserve Notes on your left and know that this …

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In Mortgage Debt?  Your Lender Stole Your Mortgage Note! PART 1: First you must know that the federal government took America off the gold standard in1933, during a staged bankruptcy called the “Great Depression” and replaced the gold with an …

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Free Mortgage Student Loan Calculator – Bank or Car Loan
This loan calculator is for a mortgage loan, retirement, investing, car loan, credit card loan, student loan, boat loan, home refinancing, commercial mortgage loan

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Payoff a Loan of Any Type using Bank Debt Loan Calculators

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Welcome To The U.S. Department Of Loan Debt Payoff Consumer Web Site How To Pay Off Your Student Loan Debt Quickly There are several ways to pay off your student loan debt. Banks claim to do it one way by …

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