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I Am NOT A Human. I am Homo Sapiens man In The Republic

The POPE GOD of the Holy Se and the 3 Papal Bulls ‘Unam Sanctam (1455, 1481 & 1537)’ of the Roman Empire changed the Homo sapiens man into what the POPE called Humans in order to control and own all

Freedom is Just Another Word For…

Nothing left to lose, that’s all the Government has left me.. And this is why you think you still have freedom in America when you DON’T.. You still have everything to lose, even your soul, spirit, labor, and what you

Do you know that You Purchased your Home with Debt

Well, you did.. This is why you pay property taxes to the County and STATE of.. You using the FRN Debt Dollars is why the banks can foreclose.. Since there has been no lawful money since 1933 and only debt

Do You Have A Right To Vote?

DID you Vote November 6, 2018?? If you did, you voted as a capital corporation debt slave for members of the STATE OF corporation and not by your free rights, but because you had to unless you are a sovereign..

Banks Secrets, Reclaim Interest From Securities You Create, Emergency Banking Act

Our Secret Constitution

See this Video about Banks Secrets, Reclaim Interest from securities you create, Emergency Banking Act Of 1933 DEFINITION of ‘Emergency Banking Act Of 1933 A bill passed during the administration of former U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt in reaction to

Secret US Constitution Revealed

Our Secret Constitution

Secret US Constitution Revealed – the truth about the secret US Constitution introduced in 1871 now Revealed to all Americans!

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Stock Market Crash in 2015 is Coming

Now is the BEST TIME TO USE THE IPN TO GET OUT OF DEBT! – Stock Market Crash in 2015 is Coming.

Government Spends $2.1 billion on the Obamacare Website

Tax payers should be outraged as the Obamacare Website cost has exceeded 2.1 BILLION US DOLLARS and it still doesn’t work!