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How To Pay Off Your Student Loan Debt Quickly Using Uncle Sam’s Money.

Why I Get Paid in FRNs for the CAP Security Processing

People ask me why they have to pay me in FRN Dollars for my e-booklets and Legal CAP Security Negotiable Instrument Processing.. AND why can’t they just pay me with their promissory note instead as I shouldn’t need any money,

Credit Agreements versus Contracts. Which one do you need and why

Bank credit agreements are promissory notes and binding contracts.. The Credit Agreement Promissory Note Contract is used as and called money in the commercial world of corporate Government, Bank, and COURT make believe.. Contracts are the same thing before 1933

Lottery Drawing for a FREE CAP Security Debt Payoff Instrument to Pay Your Debt

Due to lack of interest and participation, the FREE CAP Security Instrument Debt Payoff Lottery Drawing has ENDED!! NO MORE LOTTERY DREAWING AND NO MORE FREE CAP SECURITY INSTRUMENTS FOR YOU!! GET YOUR Lottery Drawing For A FREE CAP Security