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How To Pay Off Your Student Loan Debt Quickly Using Uncle Sam’s Money.

Commercial Real Estate Paid In Full With The CAP Security

Hi, I am Marvin, I have been in the residential and commercial real estate business for 40 years. I bought $10,000 worth of books for commercial and residential real estate and I was a licensed real estate agent at one

Just what is Common Law

Common Law was referred to as people elected “judge-made law” or “Trial By Jury made law of the land”. Not BAR ATTORNEY JUDGE made Statute Law as in the BAR COURTS of a Democracy, because the common people of one’s

Is Common Law Codified in Criminal Code

Common law was and is CODIFIED in Criminal code. In USA, the Public Law was/is our version of common law. And Public law is ONLY all PRE-1933 laws and court case law decisions.  You know, like all the US Supreme Court decisions

COMMON LAW? What Is It And Is It Still In Effect And Lawful?

Yes, Common Law and Common Law Courts of Record are still in effect and are lawful by the Magna Carter, 1776 American Declaration of Independence, 1787 Constitution for the United States of America Union, original State Constitutions, and United States

Common Law Defined

Common Public Law before 1933 Bankruptcy of the UNITED STATES. That part of the law of England formulated, developed and administrated by the old common law courts, based originally on the common customs of the country, and unwritten. Under the

Why I Get Paid in FRNs for the CAP Security Processing

People ask me why they have to pay me in FRN Dollars for my e-booklets and Legal CAP Security Negotiable Instrument Processing.. AND why can’t they just pay me with their promissory note instead as I shouldn’t need any money,

Credit Agreements versus Contracts. Which one do you need and why

Bank credit agreements are promissory notes and binding contracts.. The Credit Agreement Promissory Note Contract is used as and called money in the commercial world of corporate Government, Bank, and COURT make believe.. Contracts are the same thing before 1933

Lottery Drawing for a FREE CAP Security Debt Payoff Instrument to Pay Your Debt

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